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Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa


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Stump Removal Services

Many people are plagued with tree stumps in their yards that they have to struggle through every day. If you’re one of these individuals, contact us today for all your stump grinding needs! We remove entire tree stumps quickly, safely, and with the least impact possible to your backyard. If you have a problematic stump lingering in need of removal then don’t put off any longer! One our most popular services is stump grinding which can help reclaim an area occupied by these unwanted obstacles.

When we remove your dead or diseased tree, it leaves a healthy environment for new life. We grind down the wood and clear out any roots so you can plant seeds in peace without worrying about infestation risk!

The Problem With Stumps

The removal of a tree stump can be one of the most frustrating parts when trimming your yard. That’s why many people just leave them protruding from the ground instead and let them rot in place, which causes headaches for homeowners who don’t want this type of property issue on their hands!

When you leave a stump in the ground, roots can grow down to bring nutrients. This causes it not to die but live on as an infested hotbed for pests and fungus due to its diversion of resources away from other plants that need them more than this dead tree does!

Removing a stump is the best way to avoid tree root issues that can cause cracks in pavement and walls. The living roots of stumps continue growing, seeking out nutrients as they push up through your property – this is why it’s important for homeowners with trees on their lender you may need professional help removing these obstacles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tree fellingR850 – R8 500
Stump RemovalR950 – R5 500

Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, and the tree roots left behind can help other plants grow healthier. However if a large part of it needs to be taken out in order for you grind up all its surface area then there will only be small chips produced as opposed to mulch which could’ve been used before.


The chemical method for removing tree stumps is the fastest and easiest way. By applying chemicals into drilled holes, you accelerate natural decay process that will break down remaining fibers quickly as well as roots causing it all to fall apart much quicker than if left on its own accord.

It is possible for a tree to grow back from the stump and become full. It happens because roots are still present there, but they’re not active yet; however things like nutrients in their system can help it regrow by sprouting up towards ground level where more sun rays shine through to nourish them further along with other plants around this growth spurt period when new life begins anew again!

Roots should never be left in soil that has been reused as a potting medium for plants because it will hamper their growth. In some cases, such as open gardens and raised bed gardens roots can stay if the previous set of plants did not die from disease or aridity – but this is rare indeed!


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