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Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa


Service Areas in Sandton : ( Bryanston, Broadacres, DouglasdaleEdenburg, Fourways, Hyde Park, Illovo, Lone HillMagaliessigMarlboroMorningside, PaulshofRivonia SandhurstSunninghillWitkoppenWoodmead, Wynberg )

Tree Felling Services

We specialise in safe, fast, and affordable tree felling for your home or business. Our team of qualified arborists will guide you through any project large or small so that we can ensure not only do the job right but also keep our customers happy by ensuring they’re not impacted during the construction period.

We strive to provide the best customer service experience possible. Our list of happy returning customers is growing every year, with many exclaiming that they would never go anywhere else for their tree needs!

Our Tree Felling Process

We make removal of trees from your property easy. Our team will discuss the details with you, including what to do after we leave- whether it’s free quotes and initial discussions or grinding stumps for stump sealing and green waste pickup!

Obligation-free quote

When you reach out to us through our online quote request form or phone line, we will endeavor to have one of the qualified arborists provide you with a free estimate for the job within 24 hours. The cost is completely free and comes without obligation.

Onsite safety inspection

Our crews are professional, courteous and arrive on time with the right tools. We perform an in-depth safety inspection before getting started for each job to ensure that it’s done safely!

Tree Climbing

When the crew assesses an area, they create a safe strategy for removal. Once that’s done and ready to go, we’ll use their skills with ropes – climbing up if need be or lowering branches down so it can all happen in one swoop!

Tree Lopping

When it comes to cutting down a tree, the first step is always lop off any large branches and top sections. This way you can prevent potential damage from occurring in your surrounding environment during felling process of that particular tree which could be detrimental for both people nearby as well as wildlife living there too!


When performing the actual felling process, there are many factors that must be considered. If it is safe for a crew to do so they will remove major branches of your tree until only small twigs remain before cutting them down with an ax or chainsaw (depending on size).

Stump Grinding

One of the main tips our arborists provide is to remove a stump when you cut down a tree and this will reduce future problems. Combining felling services with grinding for stumps is more economical than paying for either service individually, so we always recommend it!

Green waste disposal

We believe that good services and fair prices include the transportation, disposal of any green waste we create through pruning or felling. We offer this as a stand-alone service if you have unwanted branches from your trees that need removing.

Make sure the location is clean

Our tree services are designed with you in mind. We believe that a job well done can leave your property looking great, but it’s only the beginning! From start to finish we make sure everything is cleaned up and taken care of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to fell a tree is when it’s at rest, which means midsummer or midwinter. When cutting down a big maple for example you want the sap in your yard be going from high tide back into low—not rushing around like crazy trying to make up lost energy while out on limbs! Make sure not wait too long after chopping that first notch before starting sawing those logs into pieces small enough so they won’t shrink as much during drying process

The best time to remove a tree or stump is during winter. Here’s why:
1) Trees that have dead branches are more likely pose risk in the winter because they’ll be susceptible, 2) Root systems Contract with temperatures dropping below freezing point and can cause them damage (sometimes even death!), 3). Pollen- bearing plants will also die if exposed for too long at certain times of year so you might want think twice before cutting one down right now! 4.) Making sure there isn’t any dry grass around doesn’t hurt either since fires often happen after big storms


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